Babcock & Wilcox Vølund AB has installed a great number of heat pumps over the years. Our early references include some of the largest turbo compressor heat pumps in the world (at Ryaverket in Gothenburg).

We have installed both compressor and absorption heat pumps connected to the flue gas cleaning systems at waste incineration plants.

In recent years absorption heat pumps connected to flue gas condensation systems at waste incineration plants have attracted the greatest attention, since such installations often considerably increase the potential for substantial energy recovery and revenues.

Our first absorption heat pump delivery was commissioned back in 1989 at the Renova waste incineration installation in Gothenburg. Since then we have installed many absorption heat pumps in similar applications in Sweden such as Karlstads Energi/ Hedenverket, HEM in Halmstad, Filbornaverket in Helsingborg, and at I/S Vestforbrænding in Copenhagen, Denmark. At all of these installations absorption heat pumps are connected to flue gas condensation systems of scrubber type.

Absorption heat pumps for extended energy recovery (flue gas condensation) can be delivered with cooling effects from around 1 MW and up.

Our service organization can also provide various care and maintenance services for best availability and performance.