Condensing scrubbers can be made as stand-alone units or for integration in our multi-stage scrubber concept.

In their standard design they are made from GRP (glass reinforced plastic). They have the great advantage of not suffering corrosion in ways that condensers made from metal do, and they are thus not so sensitive to short or long periods with high concentrations of corrosive substances. Such conditions can occur due to e.g. operational disruptions upstream of the flue gas cleaning system, or with fluctuations in fuel composition.

Another benefit from the system's corrosion resistance is in its use as a polishing unit to remove the final residues of corrosive substances such as HCl and SO2, thus improving performance and availability of the flue gas cleaning system.

All of our condensation units at approximately 30 waste incineration installations are condensing scrubbers made from GRP. However, at around 10 biofuel-fired plants we have installed metal condensers made from stainless steel.

In many cases we delivered heat pump systems as part of the scope of supply.