AffaldVarme Aarhus operates a Waste-to-Energy line in Lisbjerg, Denmark, and has decided to upgrade the plant with flue gas condensation in order to increase the overall energy efficiency of the plant. Götaverken Miljö has been selected to supply this equipment.

The Lisbjerg facility has a capacity of 16 tons of waste per hour, producing electricity and heat. AffaldVarme Aarhus will also utilize the condensed water from the flue gas to produce make-up water to the boiler and district heating net. Götaverken Miljö’s delivery includes a new flue gas fan, new flue gas ducts, condenser, demisters of ADIOX® dioxin removal material in order to prevent problems with dioxin memory effect as well as a complete water treatment system. The condensed water is purified in several stages to obtain a quality to be used as make-up district heating water and boiler water. The water treatment system includes ultrafiltration and reversed osmosis followed by an EDI (electro deionization) system. The flue gas condensation unit will generate approximately 7 MW heat to the district heating system. Our installation works will start in June next year and the plant will be ready for customers take-over at the end of 2017.

Publicerat: 06 December 2016